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Saturday, October 13, 2012

It's Saturday and I'm kinda bored!

Dave (FIL) had a gazillion songs on his external hard drive and he was going to share them with his SIL and it wouldn't work.. he brought her computer home with him and tried again, nope...I went over and I couldn't get it to work. I brought his HD home with me and it wouldn't open on mine either. OH NO! So I have been re-ripping CD's for the past week. So far I have ripped 300+ CD's

Oh and Clint's external HD won't open on my computer either....not good cuz all my CD's are on there and I do not listen to Country Music so all these I've done for Dave are no good to me :(

We did find out what happened to Dave's though... Diane (MIL) while cleaning their camper set his stuff up on a speaker (there are big magnets in there) POOF info erased!

Clint's is having a different issue.. it's there I can see the files but they will not open.

Clint came in here and said I had to go see something...

I have a 3 dog bed topped with 3 kitties and with 2 kitties on the side (on the dresser)

Joker and Spike were on the bed with their heads on our pillows Cheyenne laid across the whole bed below them and Spook, Wilbur and Mia were up on my pillow, Tommy and Tasha were sleeping on the dresser

Hopefully Tommy doesn't wake up before Spook or Wilbur...he's not a nice boy to them!

Not too sure, but little Mia may become ours.....Natassa has not been able to find a place in the school district she wants. Tassa was here last night, she got the best pic of Mia (waiting for her to send it to me to share) She said she was going to bring Julia up today to see kitty.

Tasha kitty is Josh's she has been for a few years, but lately she has claimed me. I do not sleep very well and I think she knows it. she was laying nicely on my pillow during the night and every once in awhile she would put her paw on my face! It was kinda like she was telling me to go to sleep! LOL

This has been going on now for a week. The night I had taken the Toradol, the next day she seemed to be every where I was. I my bdrm, then in my craft room (which she doesn't come in here unless she wants outside or the water dish isn't full enough)

Normally during the day she hangs out on the couch where Josh sleeps. Like she is waiting for her boy to come back. He is here more often now, but on his mom's days off she likes him to stay with her. Another person that is having a very hard time find a place in the school district she wants. Her parents have quite the houseful right now, so Josh stays here when he can.

I am very thankful she is fixed... No More Kitties! Tommy has many children for about a 4 mile radius! Larry, the man who took the goats for me, said Tommy looks very familiar to him! LOL

Spook and Wilbur are too busy chasing chipmunks and falling leaves to care about such things! If Mia is here much longer I may have to talk to Tassa about getting her fixed.

WOW! I think this has become the longest post I have every done without any pics! LOL

I'll see what I can find....