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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vetos and Ludwigs

Jacob Stephensen Vetos & 

Stephena "Phena" Garina Fjeldsbo Knutson

is Clint's Great Great Grandfather and Grand Mother

Stephena "Phena" Garina Fjeldsbo Knutson,

Jacob Stephensen Vetos, 

Lloyd Walter Vetos, Viola Marie Vetos &  

George "Joe" Oliver Vetos

Christina Amelia Dorothea Mangelson

Clint's Great Great Grandmother
Married to Gustav Friedrich Nicolaus Beeck

Elsa and Stanley Vetos

Joseph Edward Turner

Lester (Clint's Grandfather), his brother Donald and sister Shirley. No idea yet who the other 3 are

Lewis E Bowyer

Richard and Viola (Vetos) Nelson


Haven't found the connection yet, but she is the mother of Pluma Adaliza Roe

Pluma Adaliza Roe

Rasmus Monsson (1874 - )
2nd great grand uncle 
mother of Rasmus Monsson
son of Anne Askildsdtr Espetvedt
son of Jacob Stephensen Vetos
son of Stanley Clarence Vetos
daughter of Lester Juliane Vetos
son of Diane Kay Vetos

Richard Thorvald Nelson and Viola Marie Vetos 1st Great Grand Aunt

Row 1 L to R Gertrude , Amanda, Minnie and Etta 
Row 2 John, Clarence, Henry, Gerd

Ryan Vetos
No clue how he is related ...yet!

I will rearrange these all later, Getting them uploaded just for a start.